We have been with progressive auto insurance for over 7 years with no claims. They just increased my insurance by more than 20%.

I am pissed, that after supporting them for more than 7 years, I have been mis-treaded. I am changing to diff. insurance company. They advertise so much to get you in, but they don't have any loyalty to consumers.

If the insurance companies screw the consumers, the consumers have to do anything they can to retaliate against these blood sucking companies like progressive insurance.

Nothing will change if we all don't get involved and change the way things are, and hold the insurance companies liable for stealing from consumers. I am sure regulating the insurance companies is the answer!

Review about: Progressive Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $113.

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Dealing with same after having them since 2007. Payments just increased by 37%.

Our payments are now almost 350 a month. Definitely switching.

Lakeview, Ohio, United States #1355952

The same thing has happened to us almost17years, no tickets in nearly 50 years or accidents in over20 years and still ours went up 25 dollars with out written notice and we are considered emerald the most valuable customer bull ***

Littleton, Colorado, United States #1247812

I've been with progressive for a few years and every 6 months they increase my premium about $20 or more. I've had no claims, no tickets, same car, I only get older, I have not moved.

Yet, my premiums just go up. I've actually let my insurance expire (for a day and I just won't drive anywhere) and I'll purchase insurance again the day after expiration. I won't renew, I'll just purchase a new policy with all the same information. Low and behold- I've saved 100 bucks doing this at one time!!

I always find they are the least expensive so it's hard to switch over to another company so I've found a loophole. I've just received my renewal notice and guess what!

They've increased my premium.... surprise.

Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #1226427

No accidents, no tickets, great credit, paid in full premiums up front, full coverage although my two cars are 12 & 15 years old, etc. Backing out of a spot in a parking lot at what, 1 MPH?

I backed into another car who could have beeped their horn. I was found at fault. Progressive said it was 80% my fault and 20% the other driver. I just got my renewal.


At the end of the conversation the agent had the nerve to thank me for my loyalty. Where is Progressive's loyalty?

I guess Progressive is the insurance company Liberty Mutual refers to in their TV commercials.


Progressive is a rip off and Flo is a CREEPER

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #709212

I hate progressive insurance with a passion. Was with them for 2 years and every six months my rate would go up for no reason.

When I called they said it was because the cost of doing business in my state has got more expensive therefore my insurance rates were higher. I Told them to go *** themselves and went to amica. Paid 1000 less for better coverage.

*** progressive insurance. Can't imagine how it would've been if I had to file a claim with them.


I recently priced out a different car as an existing Progressive customer and they were 25% higher than many other companies with a clean driving,accident and credit history. Loyalty is not rewarded at Progressive.

Unless the agent simply giving numbers to drive me into a new commission based policy.

Mcloud, Oklahoma, United States #622453

I was told by an old Geico employee that Progressive ripped off Geicos entire business model, This is the truth. The algorithm that they use is not really such a secret.

It doesnt matter if you have accidents or not. Heres how they do the dirty deed and why! In Oklahoma alot of hail damage claims are processed, So they just take their loss and basically divide the cost among all non claim filing customers. Late?

$10 Pay online?4$ Need to make payments 50$ or more to finance. The charge us more because we are poor! Todays insurance corporations are blood sucking monsters that literally have no compassion or empathy for the lives that their rate hikes destroy. Couple mindless insurance zombie bloodsuckers with scammers and frivolous lawsuits two bit *** hole coke head scammer lawyers and throw in a dash of crooked chiropractors and what do you get ?

A self perpetuating cyclical wheel of greed and misfortune that is constantly the same people filing the same kinds of claims. The 22% that do scam the insurance companies should be indicted and put in federal prison or have any tax refunds frozen. The wheel of greed costs all of us. There should be an insurance company for honest people, Oh wait there is, Its called Farmers or at least they are better than so many others.

F You Progressive you Geico wanna be & F You 2 Geico you wallet wrangling liability leaching lizard. You wont get a dime from us.


all thieves


lying filthy thieves :( :x :(


I am calling them on increase I just received on my car and pickup. No claims just increase in rates.

I have been with them 3 yrs. Ticked me off as last month I dealt with the same issue with my house insurance with a different company.

That company added billable coverage I not not request....I will most likely dump them when I have time to find another inurance company that won't *** over. What must people pay that have claims all of the time?


:( Have been a customer for 9 years. Hadn't paid to much attention to rate increases.

We have had no claims. We recently added our Homeowners policy to the company. So was not expecting a rate increase on our Auto coverage. Our last renewal came with an increase that actually equaled the discount we received for paying in full our last policy period.

Coincidence? That is what they are telling me.

I will be getting out my old policies to see how many times they have taken our discount back with a rate increase. Just mad that we recommend them to family and friends.

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