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Well i am so disappointed with "PROGRESSIVE" Car insurance since they are bad taking care of my car accident, i was with then for more then 3 years always paying on time my bills but after my car accident i am not longer with then,

i was calling and calling about my honda civic car this lady named "Charlie villesgas took more then 3 days to call me back after i was calling her and leaven many voice mails she ever return my phone call even this guy named "brandon" he is her supervisor was so rude and unprofessional that i was talking to him he just ignored me and hang off my phone call, anyways hey people don-not even believe and get progressive insurance cuz when ever you will need then they just will send to you to *** and not help you.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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By your post it is obvious you have a problem communicating. I moved my policy to Progressive when I was rear ended by one of their insured and was so impressed with the way they handled the claim I just had to buy from them.

They have been great in handling every claim I have had, from hail damage to being run into by a deer. Not only is their service great, so are their rates.


I completely understand your frustration with the handling of your claim by Progressive Insurance. However, I also know that the only time employees of Progressive are justified in disconnecting a call is when the caller has escalated the conversation to the point that it's advisable to end the call.

Most all companies have a policy that if a caller is speaking in a manner which is considered beyond reasonable - the employee should disconnect. I was not a party to your phone conversation so, I cannot & I'm not indicating that this is what happened. I can only explain company policies & what would cause a company to disconnect. However, there are times when it becomes necessary to disconnect in order to be mutually beneficial.

When a call necessitates disconnect, it's not the company's fault, or in any way reflects on the company's service. It also, does not reflect on Progressive as a business nationwide. Not every claims handler or supervisor across the nations working for Progressive is the same. What should have happened is for you to have called back requesting that they respond to you by having a different supervisor contact you, or in writing.

Also, keep in mind that everyone who is involved in an accident feels as though they are the only person of an entire insurance company who has had a crisis & all the hundreds of claims, people injured, hospitals, physicians, auto shops, attorneys, witnesses, police agencies, should have to ALL wait until you receive a call back. Each claim handler for Progressive has at any one time at least 25 - 45 claims pending that they are handling. Some of them are quiet serious, others are handled via a check list of responsibilities; such as the vehicle inspected, photographed, repair shop notified, rental vehicle request obtained, other vehicle insurance carrier notified, etc. If the job of the claims handler was completely understood we would all definitely have a better appreciation for the speed, response, and accuracy in which Progressive and other insurance companies handle the vast workload of their claims staff.

Please be assured that I'm not in anyway dismissing your report of what happened, but only to provide a complete understanding as to what's involved in each & every contact with your insurance company. Better luck with your next insurance company.


@romero.. I am feeling very sad for you.

It's really disappointing matter.

I think, everybody should justify a car insurance company before involving with them. You can study about the law on car insurance policy here 4-insure.com

Culpeper, Virginia, United States #663224

I did not understand anything you just wrote. Maybe they had the same problem

to Labon Norfolk, Virginia, United States #663482

I cant even understand what she was saying either AND this is what she typed.....(hey people don-not even believe and get progressive insurance cuz when ever you will need then they just will send to you to).........huh what the f--- was that

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