Cancelled Progressive Auto Insurance because I found a better rate, they said they would not "match" it. I then got a bill in the mail for $90.00. I called them and asked "why" are you billing me for insurance I cancelled and never even had since I cancelled??? I told them this is fraudulent.

After months, I get a bill in the mail from a collections agency for the $90.00!!!!

Told the collection agency I cancelled with them and they are trying to collect on something I did not have! They asked me to provide proof!!!! I said I am calling you with it now to tell you I CANCELLED!!!!

What a bunch of BS! There was NO contract! Anyone has the right to shop for better rates!

What a bunch of frauds!

When an attorney files a class action lawsuit against them for this type of behavior I want to be part of it because it has ruined my credit rating!


Product or Service Mentioned: Progressive Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Progressive did the same thing to me when I switched! They kept charging me more and more each month even though I have 5 years good driving, no at fault accidents no tickets or anything. Now they say I owe them $41 for a policy change in October even though they never told me I had anything extra to pay until right after my insurance ended and I went with someone else.


Progressive did the same thing to me when I cancelled for a better rate! This is ridiculous and I will NEVER recommend progressive nor will I ever solicit a quote from them again. My insurance was cancelled less than a month ago!


I cancelled my existing policy with progressive bc the bill slowly went from 79 monthly (liability only) up to 160 a month. I didn't get any tickets or anything that should cause my rate to increase.

When I cancelled I was only 2 months into my 6 month policy .

They charged me 400 dollars for insurance I never used. How is this legal?

to T. Herndon #1589777

They’re charging me too. T


They will cancel your insurance without telling you as well so be warned. My boyfriend got motorcycle insurance through them and waited 3 weeks for them to take their money.

I asked why they hadn't honored the arrangement and taken the money on the 10th and they told me and I quote "we have the right to take out our payment at any given time" REALLY!!!! so then I asked if I could have it arranged for it to be taken out on the 3rd of every month and they said they couldnt!!

Excuses after excuses. Horrible customer service!!!!


Progressive Insurance are a company of thieves!!!!!!!!! Stay away from these unethical greedy basterds..


I'm dealing with the same thing.... Not Guess what, I did.

Like an adult, I called to find out why I owed the money. I didn't ignore it.

I didn't hope it would just go away. I didn't whine they did it out of "spite." I paid it and moved on with life and no calls from a collection agency.

to Anonymous #1586506

Well good for you. Why be an *** about it?

Everyone's situation is different.

Why pay for something you didn't use? Makes no sense

to Anonymous #1593366

I did call about mine. But I’m also going to let people know how shady progressive is and how happy I am to have switched so that at least my insurance is going up every policy renewal because of “local rates”


The same thing happened to me, it is for sure unethical, and I would think borderline criminal.


Yes progressive did same thing to me they will never receive a dime from me. I never using there service again.


555.11 is what they said I owed them after I canceled the insurance!! Everything was up to date and paid!

What are they charging me for?

Are they charging me for canceling!? Haha worst insurance ever!

to Cody #1513125

Did the exactly the same thing to me as well. They do this action out of pure spite.

Otherwise in turn if you pay monthly and paid on time Progressive should notify the credit reporting agencies , like a credit card company would. They of course do not do this. If you owe money they are the fastest company to report it as a collection on your credit report that I have ever seen. This actually hurts your credit score quite a bit.

The good news, this is not a common practice amongst insurance companies to handle business like this. This should speak volumes of what type of company Progressive is to go against the norm of several of the larger reputable companies that handle their business in a more ethical and dignified way.Please be informed before starting a policy or for even cancelling a policy with Progressive.

to Cody #1559631

They did the same to me. They charged me $145 for canceling. I think they are a bunch of criminals and I will warn everyone I know to STAY AWAY from Progressive!


302.18 bill after policy was cancelled. What do I owe for? It was paid through the date of cancellation.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #1270935

They sent me too collections too. According to their letter my coverage period was ending and so I shopped around found a better rate and cancelled.

What's they do ? Tred to bill me again when I had NOT renewed then sent me to collections.

Call them and they have no integrity. Horrible insurance company!


Same here. $426 holding me to a one sided agreement that I never made.

Can they send me proof of the original agreement?

No! The only thing that they can do is is say that since I made a payment I agreed.


They did the exact same thing to me for $79. I called, canceled, and they still saying I owe them for a month that I wasn't even insured. I'm getting it off my credit report now

Everett, Washington, United States #1255034

My Brother and I had Progressive for a bit until they took my rent money from me before my payment was due. I called and asked for it back and they told me they couldn't (better yet wouldn't) and there was nothing they could do.

I went and found a better policy, and they're charging me an extra month when I paid in September and switched in October

Oceanside, New York, United States #1249444

Same thing happened to me.

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