Cancelled Progressive Auto Insurance because I found a better rate, they said they would not "match" it. I then got a bill in the mail for $90.00. I called them and asked "why" are you billing me for insurance I cancelled and never even had since I cancelled??? I told them this is fraudulent.

After months, I get a bill in the mail from a collections agency for the $90.00!!!!

Told the collection agency I cancelled with them and they are trying to collect on something I did not have! They asked me to provide proof!!!! I said I am calling you with it now to tell you I CANCELLED!!!!

What a bunch of BS! There was NO contract! Anyone has the right to shop for better rates!

What a bunch of frauds!

When an attorney files a class action lawsuit against them for this type of behavior I want to be part of it because it has ruined my credit rating!


Review about: Progressive Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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The same thing happened to me, it is for sure unethical, and I would think borderline criminal.


Yes progressive did same thing to me they will never receive a dime from me. I never using there service again.


555.11 is what they said I owed them after I canceled the insurance!! Everything was up to date and paid!

What are they charging me for?

Are they charging me for canceling!? Haha worst insurance ever!


302.18 bill after policy was cancelled. What do I owe for? It was paid through the date of cancellation.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #1270935

They sent me too collections too. According to their letter my coverage period was ending and so I shopped around found a better rate and cancelled.

What's they do ? Tred to bill me again when I had NOT renewed then sent me to collections.

Call them and they have no integrity. Horrible insurance company!


Same here. $426 holding me to a one sided agreement that I never made.

Can they send me proof of the original agreement?

No! The only thing that they can do is is say that since I made a payment I agreed.


They did the exact same thing to me for $79. I called, canceled, and they still saying I owe them for a month that I wasn't even insured. I'm getting it off my credit report now

Everett, Washington, United States #1255034

My Brother and I had Progressive for a bit until they took my rent money from me before my payment was due. I called and asked for it back and they told me they couldn't (better yet wouldn't) and there was nothing they could do.

I went and found a better policy, and they're charging me an extra month when I paid in September and switched in October

Oceanside, New York, United States #1249444

Same thing happened to me.

East Moline, Illinois, United States #1244503

I had the same issue cancelled and they billed me I now owe $213 in collections when I only had one month left and switched

Los Angeles, California, United States #1238663

you have the right to shop for cheaper insurance, but it must be the same insurance. If you buy a bag of Doritos from 7-11 you will pay 1.49, but for that same size bag of Doritos you will pay .89 cents at Walmart.

Walmart will match 7-11 (convenient store), but the convenient store will never match Walmart.

So, you MUST be purchasing the same coverage (for a better rate) to have everything close properly.

if you had expensive rates for liability but "switch" to a company that can provide full coverage for less than what you were paying for liability, that can result in a balance. you must make sure the policy is effectively cancelled.

it's your responsibility!

also, I can call and pretend i'm you to request for the policy to be cancelled. My boyfriend, not with progressive, was cancelled because another man called in requesting for his own policy to be cancelled and they applied the cancellation to my boyfriend, the wrong party.

call the collection agency, they don't just collect but assist in fixing balances that are not owed with proper documentation and a good attitude from you.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1221521

HAHAHA! I am reading your comments and this is the reason why you make my job entertaining!

I work for Progressive. I know exactly why you still owe money after a cancel or why your son was added to your policy after an accident but yet you go on here to complain about it without calling Progressive to find true resolution. We are not a bad company. Far from.

It's people like you who find fault in little things who make the name seem horrible. I challenge you to call back and get the REAL answer as to why you still owe money or why your son was added!

Every insurance company is heavily regulated by your states board of insurance so what we do is FAR from fraudulent. You just can't see past your rose colored glasses for the actual, business, truth!

to Anonymous #1384771

Then why not explain it to them and knock off the arrogant attitude!!!

to Anonymous #1479297

You may work for the devil themselves, but your company is the worst in every aspect! your probably some little snot nosed whiney brat, who just sits back and collects your bonuses off the sweat of other people! Terrible company!


Same thing happened to me for $84 they are some real a**holes that won't get paid a dime!!!!!#thanksflo

Wahiawa, Hawaii, United States #1204184

Same here. $123.

For switching to Geico!

I didn't know insurance companies are allowed to collect on your account...f'd up my credit! Everytime I see the commercial I wanna throw something at the TV!


exact same happen to me ,im in on the class a.

to Anonymous #1431562

Hello, my name is Freddie. I was hoping if you wouldn’t mind helping me with information to become apart this class a.

Or just help me period.

I’m like you in many ways; I work extremely hard to maintain a great credit score and this is completely unfair. Keeping this short, thanks in advance!


Currently dealing with this exact circumstance for $80


They did the same to me scammers

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