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The discriminate against dog owners. They are threatening to cancel my homeowners insurance due to my dog being a LAB mix.

Because he "looks" vicious they are wanting to know the breeds he MAY be mixed with. How f'n *** is that? I called my vet's office and explained it to them. They asked me where they paying for a DNA test?

They discriminate against the following breeds, Bulldog, Pit, German Shepard and several others.

Please check before you switch insurance companies to see if your breed is on the uninsurable list or not. Otherwise you will face the prospect of them dropping you.

Review about: Progressive Insurance Homeowners Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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When a dog is bred to attack, it's in their blood, not always in mistreatment. You CANNOT turn a pitbull into a family dog any more than you can turn a wolf into a family pet.

Pits are trained to kill.

Plain and simple. Too many insurance companies have had to pay out because of this.

to Tamerica #841886

Im sorry to say you have no idea of what your talking about.You no nothing about dogs pits were actually used as nanny dogs before dumb a***** started fighting them. You can take any breed of dog and make it mean if you treat and train it to be,and you can train any dog to be good.


Thats very true, even in apartment's they ask what type of dog breed you have.

Rots, pinchers, german shepards pit -mix and even some terrier breeds are not allowed on the property.

Big thumbs up to the people who do not treat their pets correctly. Unfortunatly due to people like these :roll , responsible pet owners are not able to keep with most insurance lines


Certain dog breeds statistically are a risk...This is not uncommon.

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