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I was parked at Lowe's, in about the third parking lot from the end of the row were there is a street that connects Walmarts parking lot with Lowe's. I was pulling out slowly look to my left then look to my right and started taking off out of the parking lot towards Lowe's, and looked again to my left. At that time I saw a red truck coming at me fast and I hit my brakes stopping my vehicle. The Ford truck swerved to try to miss me but ended up hitting my cars front left quarter. He hit me hard enough to move my car sideways a little. The car wouldn't start and is leaking fluid from the engine.

We both got out of our vehicles he told me right off that he can't stay because he had drank a beer. He said this was his second accident in a couple of weeks and gave me his insurance card. He said it was his fault, it's a company truck, and they'll pay for everything. I took a picture of the insurance card with my phone and he took off.

Progressive denied the claim even though they initially agreed the speeding drunk was at fault. The said the fact he swerved proved he was not at fault??? So wait, he clearly he saw me but was going too fast to stop. And that's my fault?? The damage to my car proves he was speeding.

The driver wasn't even the owner. They still don't have his story, we don't know his name. His boss didn't report the accident, it doesn't appear he insured his truck for it's use as a business vehicle and this is this driver's second accident in the last couple weeks. I'm wondering, is it neglect if you let a person drive a company truck when you know he's a danger in the road?

I would like to know how a drunk barreling through a parking lot is not responsible when he hits a car.

This is my second experience with failure to pay. The first was when they didn't pay for a wrecked motorcycle I insured. That time I was run off the road by a driver who never stopped. Progressive claimed it was my fault she cut me off forcing me to fly off my bike into a street sign. I even had witnesses, but they still refused to fix my bike or pay for my injuries.

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You don't have a front quarter panel, and may want to start with who had the ROW.

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