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I live in MA which is considered a “No fault state” I’m fairly sure there’s about 12 other states like MA so if you live in no fault state and have had an accident in past that wasn’t your fault then STAY AWAY from Progressive or any other type of statewide insurance like Geico, General ect. My car was totaled like 2 1/2 years ago by someone who was speeding while cutting threw the lot sections in a plaza that has 3 big sections.

He was supposed to stop at stop sign before crossing from the lot he was in over the main road where people just entered or going to exit before heading in the lot on the right, I went threw the green light, entered the lot and was driving down to turn left into middle lot. There was 2 areas pull into lot which was right after entering and further down right by store. The guy blew out from the first area I could have turned into and he hit my whole front drivers side bumper, tire and half the door. Pushed me a good 15-20 feet over where I was stopped by the sidewalk area to lot on my left.

I couldn’t open drivers door more than a 6-7 inch gap and my car was smoking with fluids leaking all over, steering colum flew out hitting my knees, and my whole front end was shifted over. The man was driving and his girlfriend was passenger. I asked if they was okay and she instantly became irate, yelling in my face. Saying I was the cause of this and I was a F idiot, I should’ve been paying attention.

Saying I better not dead go to a hospital, even if I was dying. Telling me I was an idiot and she was getting into the abulance on scene right away, and would tell them she was very hurt and made comment how she can then sue me for all I got and she won’t have to work another day in life. And she mentioned I best not tell cops that her boyfriend was driving and that it was her. And if I told them he was driver she’d hunt me down and kill me.

Joke was on them because after 3 minutes not even from the accident happen and as she was in my face an undercover cop car pulls right up. There was two undercovers over in one of the lots at McDonald’s sitting in their car eating and watched the whole accident happen. From him speeding threw the stop sign, hitting me and him get out from drivers side. They still insisted I was fault, but cop said he seen and it was impossible with damage and the fact his car pushed mine over feet and also turned it sideways like 30 degrees.

He was driving suspended license so that’s why she told me to tell cops it was his girlfriend driving. He got cited right there for being fully fault for accident, failing to stop, speeding in a lot, driving with suspended license and the cops checked phones which he had incoming message less than minute before accident occurred and he had typed a reply he didn’t send which most likely was why he caused accident. The car was his girlfriend uncles which so was the insurance. I called my own insurance the next day to let them know so they put in claim, paid me out and then fought to be reimbursed by the person at faults girlfriend uncle insurance company.

Fast forward three years, I dropped my own policy a bit back since my mother in law is super sick and can’t drive, I’ve been using her car she leased months before being ill to use personally and drive her to doctors. I just had her add me to her policy versus getting my own plus adding myself to hers. I came across a car recently and decided why not so looked into progressive insurance. They told me it was to be $93 a month and if I made the $93 payment that day I could go to registry to register car that day.

So I did so and noticed the $93 was processed right away and got the car all registered. Then come a month later with next months bill I had the setup payment come out. I looked at online bank to see Progressive took out $143 three days prior. It was supposed be only $93 so pissed off I pulled out my laptop, signed in my account and opened the chat.

Asked why was $143 taken from my account when I was originally told last month that for 6 month policy it was premium of $558 which break down being $93 month. I paid that amount previous month to begin policy and registered car. Verified some information and she told me wait moment while she looked over everything. About two minutes later she replied back saying the $558 for 6 months which was $93 broke down to six months was from the quote and they apperently after decided to raise up my policy by $300 for the six months, charging me $143 a month versus $93 because they said I failed report an accident that I claimed to previous insurance 2-3 years previous.

First of all I was pissed they took upon themselves to decide to do this after the first payment and the original premium amount told. Then they went ahead and changed without notifying me and charged from my account the new amount without even sending a letter, email or phone call. I asked see this reason on why they felt to raise this $300 without notifying me. It was an accident I was in and was no fault.

Person hit me was fully, 100% at fault. In MA though I had to call my insurance company and put in claim which they settled me out and fought to be reimbursed by the insurance company carried by person at fault. I told them this was illegal in MA and they can’t raise it over an accident I had and not fully or 50/50 at fault. In MA it’s a no fault state and at times your insurance will pay claim out then get back from other insurance which then insurance companies can’t hold people not at fault reliable by charging higher premium.

She kept dodging what I said and kept repeating that they raised it due to me “failing to report or inform them of an accident I put in claim with my insurance” I repeated many times I was only asked by them originally to report any claims I ever made like glass or minior claims I made or any accidents I was fully or 50/50 fault” now month later I’m being told I failed to report an accident I wasn’t at fault for even though originally I was specifically asked only to inform accidents I was respondsible for. She kept ignoring me telling her MA laws and what not so I canceled them instantly and decided to stick with I’ve used in past. Using insurance companies with agents located locally so I can deal in person with things. I went to Amica and pay $82 a month for a 12 month policy.

They didn’t care much on the accident I was in 3 years ago since I was deemed not a fault. They got I had to originally make claim with my insurance. My driving record is perfect and I’m the highest step they consider.

Progressive is terrible and will punish people with charging a TON more for things you weren’t fault for and couldn’t prevent at all. They don’t seem also to understand or care to understand how no fault states work either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Progressive Insurance Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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