My light turned green in a large intersection. Witnesses back it up and saw her run the red light.

I proceed to drive 60 feet or so across 5 lanes. A car runs a red light and causing a crash about 15 feet from where they should of stopped. Driver ticketed for running a red. Progressive claims she entered the intersection when it was yellow.

As the accident was 15 feet past her stopping point, they have no explanation as to how I went 60 feet from a dead stop after light turns green while she only went 15 feet. By the way, at 35 mph, you're traveling 51 feet per second. Even if she entered the intersection one millisecond before it turned red, she would be at the crash point in .29 seconds.

Now I will be suing the driver. Bet she wish she didn't pick progressive!

Product or Service Mentioned: Progressive Insurance Auto Claim.

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