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My daughter had a accident in our car while we were out of town on business . The accident was not her fault and Progressive is not our insurance . They called immediately wanting to settle claim giving us practically nothing for our car. We ask since the car was in her father's name we wait till we be able to wait to return to settled claim. First the agent was rude . When i wanted to make sure that her injury was taken care of he replied it would not increase the value of the car .

Sorry there is no value to my daughters pain. Second I do believe we have a right to see damages before settling claim.

They must hire employees with no personal ethics because the don't believe in paying for the damage that there customers cause.there was over 5000.00 in damages they only want to pay 2000.00.

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Progressive is a bad insurence company they have incompentent people working for them who lie and make all kinds of mistakes. Anyone to join a lawsuit against them in the fall. Let me know 505 407 1281


A Progressive backed into my vehicle while it was parked.The customer reported the claim to their insurance company (Progressive).

I took my car to the Progressive office and left it there for repairs. The car was in perfect running condition at the time the car was left with Progressive. The only issue was the rear

had body damage. When notified the car was repaired I went to Progressive to pick it up.

When it was driven up to me I noticed the car made an unusual tapping sound that was not normal and was not present when I left it with Progressive. I did not leave the Progressive parking lot until I had 2 of their employees (1 manager) listen to the vehicle. They told me to drive to the nearest Lotus dealership to determine the issue. While in Progressive's control the manifold/header had been damaged and had a hole in it.

Progressive has denied responsibility first stating it was a "wear & tear " issue. When Lotus wrote a letter stating this is NOT a "wear & tear " part and that they have never had to replace one, Progressive then denied it saying they can not substantiate the problem occurred while in their possession. I have a signed

statement from the person that went with me to drop the car off that it was not making any noise that would indicate a problem with the exhaust.

Progressive is not taking responsibility for their actions.Typical case of insurance companies denying payments.

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