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This only gets better!!!!!! On Oct 18th 2014 I found a 2003 Freightliner that belonged to a REAL GREAT HUMAN BEING.

The SOB had titled this truckin his wifes name and then ran off with the secretary of the company he was leased to...leaving her with no CDL...3 kids...and a "beater" of a car. His thought was she could and would do nothing with the truck and he could eventually get it away from her!Then we met!!!!!!

With the final settlement of 12,500.00 on our 1998 FLD that they (Progressive) totaled. After the 1000.00 deductable and 1000.00 to buy my 1998 FLD back from Progressive. I was able to trade this lady my 1998 Chevy 4x4 pickup (I put new tires and brakes all around) and 4000.00 cash for the 2003 Freightliner!

I would have loved to see her cheating husbands face when he found out it was gone!!! Once again trying to do the right thing, I call Progressive and asked that they place liability on the truck so I could drive it back to Knoxville to start working on it. The request was for one night and then to be dropped until I was ready to put the 03 on the road to try and replace my 1998. NOW THE GREAT NEWS Progressive did not drop the one night liability as requested instead they added NON OWNED TRAILER INSURANCE to go with the 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When I found out what they had done they gave me this great story of "every truck has to have a trailer and every trailer had to have a truck".

Now mind you I was still paying for coverage on the 1998 FLD they (Progressive) totaled, my reefer was locked up but they would not allow it to be in a storage statis! And now a truck that was not road worthy until Nov.28,2014 with it's "non owner trailer" was now added to my policy. When I called them on all this they credited us 250.00. How can this company get away with all this s***?

If it was not for the blood sweat and lots of tears our company would have never been on the road again.

Surely some one lawyer type would like to take this on for all they could and even start a class suit. HELP SOMEONE PLEASE.


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of every thing and how they lied about coverage. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of truck insurance and associated monetary loss in the amount of $25000. Progressive Insurance needs to "we be compensated for the money it took to get a truck, half the quality of the one you insured, on the road and compensation for lost revenue while fighting with your company. over "same quality or like"" according to poster's claims.

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