Please God tell me those commercials with that annoying woman are almost over.I will NEVER buy P.I.

because of this annoying advertising character. None of the commercials are clever, they're all annoying as ***, please put her to rest.

Bring back the re-creation of accident scenes, thats what sells insurance, fast settlements for accidents, not some quirky brunette walking around making funny voices and trying to act like a teenager.Whomever is convinced this advertising campaign is selling insurance across the generations, you are desperatly kidding yourself, we need more serious facts about insurance, not a dumb bimbo.

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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #638005

Progressive, Can you make your commercials any more annoying?!

It doesn't make one want to rush out and buy your insurance.

Most of the time I have to flip the channel, or mute the volume! :x


You're a D-Bag... Flo is the best.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #240680

O.K. so if I don't choose to change channels I have still have the option of muting, & back at you 'Dumb AH'

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #240679

Every time I see or am forced to watch this obnoxious commerical I hit the 'mute' button on the remote and then look away.

Time for you to change said commerical as it paints an un-professional immage of your Co.

Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #146454

You mean something along the line of a gecko at Geiko? And you can always change the channel, DumbA$$.

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